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TikTok - Changes to Website - Pursuing Art Licensing

Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well.

So I started a tiktok account last month that hosts videos of my paintings, the story behind them, and I have also been doing live painting sessions too. If you want to check it out, go to

I've been some pretty drastic changes to my website, particularly the content in which I host on the site. Previously, I had included some of my apparel and items that I've been hosting on my Etsy page over this past year. Now, I've honed to strictly art and home decor. As I find myself as an artist and where I want my focus to be, I feel that visual arts is where my heart is at the moment and I would like my website to reflect that.

With that said, I want to kick my visual arts and home decor up a level, which is why I've started learning about pursuing art licensing. As an artist, there's nothing more satisfying than having your art/vision hanging on someone's wall. I would like to learn how to do this at the commercial level through licensing. I have been reaching out to several licensing and home decor companies and I've already learned several things. More importantly, I've thankfully gotten some advice and direction from one of them as to what licensing companies are looking for. Now, it's time to practice this craft and understand what is visually trending in the market- I've already started coming up with a few ideas which you can see below.

If you're reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking your time to read something like this, one person's thoughts and actions to become a better artist, person, husband, and father.


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