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Steady Growth = Longterm Fulfillment

Hope everyone is doing well. We have been steadily working on things over here at Macpack over the last month. Most noteworthy is an upcoming booth in Santee on 25 May, where we'll have all of our art on display for those in attendance. We also continue to grow our online presence, specifically on Tiktok as of late- we're nearing 5,000 followers, which is awesome. We hope to continue to get the Macpack name out as we move forward and grow into a sustainable design business.

Our digital designs and etsy shop continue to grow as well, we recently surpassed 500 transactions- another huge milestone. Along with the sales, we continue to bring the best costumer service we can provide- which has thankfully been reflecting in our store ratings.

With summer just around the corner, we hope to keep the momentum up on all fronts. More art is being created continuously to build the portfolio, with hopes of one day being hosted at an art gallery- maybe some day.

Again, we hope everyone is doing well as we approach the halfway point of 2024.


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